What You Missed This Month: Highlights from Teach.com’s January Newsletter

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Online Teaching Tuesdays: Are You Ready to Teach Online?

As much as you probably love your job in the classroom, there have surely been days when you’ve stayed in bed a few extra minutes and wondered what it would be like to work from home, or more specifically, to teach from home. As the end tech world grows, there are increasing opportunities for online teaching.

Strengthening Reading Skills With Current Events

If you need to know the date of The Battle of Hastings, the internet can bring that information to you. What it can't do is weed out disinformation and nonsense.


Teaching Citation for the 21st Century

When they stop seeing citation as a way for teachers to catch them if they cheated and started to see it as a way to help readers, students care more about the details.


Why Children Should Science More

Ultimately science doesn’t just teach kids about science, it teaches them about life and how to think independently for their entire lives.


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