What You Missed This Month: Highlights from Teach.com’s February Newsletter

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Why Educators Are Concerned About (Now Confirmed) Betsy DeVos

Donald Trump’s choice for the new Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, is a wealthy businesswoman who has long called for changes to public education (which she terms “a dead end”). However, her practical experience in public schooling is non-existent. She hasn't worked as a teacher, administrator or policy maker for public schools and has no personal experience of the system either. Read more...

Surviving Your First Year of Teaching

Jitters. Hope. Excitement. Fear. Optimism. We all were first year teachers and lived through our first day of school and the first year, but here are some tips to get you through.



War on Fake News: How To Teach New Media

With the recent rise in fake news over the past few months, students need to be taught how to deal with the new media literacy.



Help Your Students Learn In & Out of the Classroom

Help create strong learning environments for your students outside of the classroom by building a student, parent, teacher team.


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